The RePhrase Project

Refactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Resource-Aware Applications

A Software Engineering Approach


The focus of the RePhrase project is on producing new software engineering tools, techniques and methodologies for developing data-intensive applications in C++, targeting heterogeneous multicore/manycore systems that combine CPUs and GPUs into a coherent parallel platform. Data-intensive applications are one of the most important and commonly encountered classes of industrial application. Such applications are often potentially highly parallel and are a clear match to emerging heterogeneous parallel architectures. However, exploiting this potential effectively can be difficult: it is even harder to obtain good performance for parallel data-intensive applications than for compute- intensive applications, since many additional issues related to data management need to be taken into account. These including structuring the data to make it efficient to access and to process, placement/migration/replication of the data to allow fast parallel access, ensuring data consistency etc. The RePhrase project tackles these issues directly.

Total Cost and EC Contribution: 3,574,027 Euros

Start Date: 1st April 2015

Duration: 3 years

Programme: ICT-09-2014